How To Clean Converse Shoes

How To Clean Converse Shoes

How To Clean Converse Shoes

Are you looking for ways to clean your Converse shoes? So, you are at the right place. Here, you will get to know about How To Clean Converse Shoes

Probably wearing dirty shoes is one of the ugliest feelings that one can get when surrounded by people. It lowers your self-confidence and all-time your attention goes towards this thing that, Is anyone looking at your shoe?

This not only lowers your self-confidence but also chunks out your attention from the present towards a confused hypothetical situation.

We will be telling you all solutions to clean your Converse shoes and we will begin in ascending order from lower to higher for various factors being in consideration.

We will follow easy steps first that require less time, money, and effort and if your shoes don’t get cleaned up then as well, then we will proceed towards other methods that require a bit of effort or money, but one thing is for sure that your shoes will be cleaned.

Different Ways To Clean Converse Shoes

Firstly you can use your hand, take a soft brush and clean out the dry dirt present on the surface of your shoes and yes clean it properly at least for 5 minutes because dirt can remain stuck in the lower area of shoes, grooves, lower grips, laces and lower front of the shoe.

So firstly wipe off all dirt from the shoe and if your shoe didn’t have stains and was just directly by dry dirt then just wiping it off with a brush is enough but don’t forget to use a soft brush and if your shoes are made up of leather then certainly use soft hair brush else minor scratches can make your expensive shoes look ugly. 

Now comes a tense part, if your shoes are dirty and they have stains intact on them yet.

After proper dusting also if your shoes are not cleaned then certainly your shoes have hot wet stains that have dried out with time. 

Now a critical problem arises that even after dusting the shoe stains are still intact so how to remove them?

Just follow these simple steps and your shoes will be perfectly clean after this.

  • Washing and Soaking your shoes in water

Dry dusting did not help out, so move on to this step. Don’t jump directly to this step, dry dusting is a must because if you start directly with this step without dry dusting then as soon as you start washing your shoes dry dust will stick to your shoes, and gradually your shoe color will fade off especially if your shoes are white color.

I hope you don’t want your shoes to get spoiled due to your laziness so first dry dust your shoes and then start washing your shoes with simple water, if this doesn’t work out well then you can use a cloth washing brush.

Use it gently on your shoes in a single one-way direction (circular motion is strictly prohibited) now your shoes can get 50% cleaned up if they were too dirty. If your shoes were not too dirty then at this step only your shoes can get 100% clean.

Still, if you see fewer results then take warm water and keep your shoes in water for at least 2-3 hrs soak them so that dirt also soaks water and leaves the beautiful surface of your shoes, after soaking try washing them with the brush.

  • Use detergent to wash your shoes

If your shoes have some major stains then only you are left out with untidy shoes at this step as well. Don’t worry, as now a plan comes into action to completely clean your shoes. 

You can use your home detergent powder (just be careful that your detergent doesn’t have too high a ph level) Your detergent should not be too acidic so try to use low ph level deterrents, to be on a safer side use baking soda, hydrogen peroxide to clean your shoes. 

For canvas shoes use hydrogen peroxide as a cleaning agent and if you have leather shoes then use baking soda as a cleaning agent.

For best results:-

  • use warm water while cleaning your shoes
  • use a light brush that should not be too hard for your shoes
  • use hydrogen peroxide/baking soda depending on the type of shoes you are using
  • use the brush in a single direction, one-handed
  • don’t put too many efforts into your hands
  • take out the laces and clean them individually so that dirty patches are not left in any part of your shoes.
  • don’t use any sharp object while cleaning your shoes
  • don’t use a washing machine for washing as its hard intensity cleaning and force can spoil your shoes

After following these steps 99% chances are that your shoes will be cleaning, 1% chances are still these that your shoes might not have been cleaned as your shoes can have paint stains or some strong agent that might not be easy to make out.

So what you can do then is that self clean your shoes several times and gradually the stain will disappear else try to use a strong cleaning agent (but not several times, use strong agents just twice or thrice) and at last if still, your shoe stains are stuck on your shoe hen take your hoes to a dry cleaning shop and get them dry cleaned. 

Now as your shoes are fully cleaned up and hygienic just keep proper care of them so that they don’t get dirty enough. Though it’s a foot ware so it will get dirty but this can be resolved if you keep proper care of them then your shoes will get dirty but in the long period of time, eventually this will increase the life of your shoes.

When your shoes are fully cleaned up and there are zero stains in them, but shoes are wet, this is the time to be very cautious as wet shoes catch dry dirt very quickly. We need to keep our shoes safe from dirt and try to make them dry as soon as possible.

Few simple steps to make your shoes dry fast are:-

  • Turn on your room fan, close all windows so that dust doesn’t enter and eventually within few hours your shoes will be dries
  • Keep them in a room without the fan on and keep it at least for 4-5 hrs then move it to sunlight as after 4-5 hrs outer surface of shoes get dried and then sunlight will make the process quick, this leads to dust-free shoes.
  • Simplest and easiest way is to keep your shoes near a window (closed window) when sunlight directly enters through a window, heat will be much aggressive and your shoes will get dried out fast and by sunlight, all virus present in your shoes due to sweat and the stinking smell will also completely go off. You can keep your shoes overnight with ac on when you go to sleep
  • If it’s very urgent then the last and quickest option is to use a hairdryer, it is not a practical option but in emergencies, such things work out pretty well.

How do these wet stains come up on your shoes?

These stains majorly come on your shoes by:-

  • wet dirty roads
  • wet grasses in the park
  • playing with football or kicking something that has dirt intact to it
  • if someone steps on your shoes
  • if you fall in a pothole, etc.

So be aware of these things as now your shoes are clean but you can unintentionally make them dirty again so be aware of these things and if you don’t wanna worry then here’s a solution. 

Before stepping out of your house with your Converse Shoes, spray water and stain repellent spray to help them stay cleaner longer. 

Advantages of Clean Shoes:-

  • You feel confident and you are fully present in the moment rather than living in a confused hypothetical world.
  • Improves your personality and outfit look
  • Clean shoes reflect your personality that what kind of person you are

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